Red Cedar Awards

The Red Cedar Book Awards Program encourages students in Grades 4 - 7 in British Columbia to read Canadian fiction and non-fiction titles. Each year, a Red Cedar Award is presented to one fiction and one non-fiction book which receive the most votes from children in the program.

If you are looking for some reading inspiration, check out the past 10 years awards winners!
  • Winners

2020 - Van Ho and Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch, Too young to escape: A Vietnamese girl waits to be reunited with her family (Nonfiction)

2020 - Jonathan Auxier, Sweep: The story of a girl and her monster (Fiction)

2019 - Joanne George, Smiley: A journey of love (Nonfiction)

2019 - Alex Lyttle, From ant to eagle (Fiction)

2018 - Jenny Kay Dupuis and Kathy Kacer, I am not a number (Nonfiction)

2018 - Casey Lyall, Howard Wallace, P.I. (Fiction)

2017 - Julia Coey, Animal hospital: Rescuing urban wildlife (Nonfiction)

2017 - Kevin Sands, Blackthorn key (Fiction)

2016 - David J. Smith, If...a mind-bending new way of looking at big ideas and numbers (Nonfiction)

2016 - Becky Citra, Finding Grace (Fiction)

2015 - Rona Arato, The last train: A Holocaust story (Nonfiction)

2015 - Jill Maclean, The hidden agenda of Sigrid Sugden (Fiction)

2014 - Claire Eamer The World in your Lunchbox: The Wacky History and Weird Science of Everyday Foods (Nonfiction)

2014 - Gordan Korman - Ungifted (Fiction)

2013 - Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch, Last airlift: A Vietnamese orphan's rescue from war (Nonfiction)

2013 - Sarah Leach, Count me in (Fiction)

2012 - Valerie Wyatt, How to build your own country (Nonfiction)

2012 - Becky Citra, After the fire (Fiction)

2011 - Frieda Wishinsky & Elizabeth MacLeod Everything but the kitchen sink (Nonfiction)

2011 - Alma Fullerton Libertad (Fiction)

2010 - Ann Love & Jane Drake Sweet!: the delicious story of candy (Nonfiction)

2010 - Christine Kilbourne Dear Jo: the story of losing Leah...and searching for hope (Fiction)