Requests and Interlibrary Loans

Most items held by ony one of our fifteen branches can be requested. Books held by other libraries can also be requested.

  • Requests
  • Interlibrary Loans


The Cariboo Regional District Libraries have a combined collection of approximately 120,000 items. Any patron having a valid CRDL library card may request most items held within any of our 3 area libraries or 12 community libraries that appear in our online catalog. Requests are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

High demand items may have a shorter loan period. Reference material may be requested from another library but it must be viewed in the patron's library branch -- it may not be checked out. To request an item, please visit your local library branch and fill out a request slip. Patrons are limited to 10 active requests at any one time.

The Library will accept requests for material that is confirmed to be on order and due to be published within a month.

We also welcome "suggestions for purchase" and these will be considered within the parameters of our collection development policy guidelines. Guidelines include cost, potential patron demand, current subject coverage, etc.


Libraries throughout British Columbia belong to a system that allows patrons with a valid library card to request books from other libraries throughout the province.  Generally, there is no charge for this service and the average wait time is generally 4 weeks depending on demand within the province.   If a library does intend to charge a fee, you would be contacted to see if you still want the book.   You may request a book through ILL in one of two ways.   You may fill in a request slip at your local library branch  OR  you may go to the BC Library Catalog (Outlook) and request the material online.   Please note:

  • you may only request books through this service
  • patrons are limited to 5 active requests at any one time (this is tracked provincially so any requests submitted either online or through your library branch that exceed your limit will be rejected automatically)
  • the Cariboo Regional District Library has its own location code (CLN) and patrons may only request titles where CLN does not own any copies of that title
  • no library can lend new titles.  Provincial ILL borrowing guidelines indicate an item must be published for at least 1 year before the current year in order to be considered for lending.   Some branches will not lend or request an item unless it has been published for at least 2 years.

The above information is also available as a brochure (PDF)


It is possible to obtain some books from libraries across Canada.  This can be done through your local library branch by filling out a request form.   These requests don't have any predictable wait time (up to 6 months) and there is a greater chance of being charged by the lending library.   Patrons will be notified if the lending library is intending to charge a fee and can opt to cancel the request or pay to have the item brought in.

Microfilm for Genealogy Research

Patrons may request these items through their local area library.  Generally these would be limited to information pertaining to Canada (newspapers, census, etc.).   Patrons may get an idea of what may be available by visiting the Library & Archives Canada website