Audiobooks for those with print disabilities are full-length audio recordings from best sellers to science fiction, history and romance novels, children's to adult reading levels. They are produced by the Public Library Services Branch and the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. Any person unable to read conventional print by virtue of a certifiable visual, physical or neural handicap may use the Audiobook service. An eligibility form must be completed -- a formality required by copyright agreements.

Traditionally, Audiobooks are standard cassette tapes and compact discs. Depending on the library, these items may be delivered, mailed, picked up in person or by a friend or relative. 

The Cariboo Regional District Library operates its Audiobook Service out of the Quesnel Branch. A potential client fills in the User Eligibility Form (PDF) and the audiobook selection sheet (included here or available through your local branch).  These can be delivered, mailed, or faxed to the Quesnel Branch and you should receive your first set of audiobooks within 3 weeks along with a catalog of Audiobooks we have available.

The Audiobook service is a very personalized, client driven operation.   Staff will send Audiobooks using the guidelines (PDF) of the client's reading interests or selections a client may make from the Audiobook catalog. 

Clients determine how often they wish to receive audiobooks and how they will receive them. For clients outside of Quesnel, the Library mails Audiobooks to them and they, in turn, can mail their audiobooks free of charge back to the Library. Sometimes, the Library will supplement the Audiobook collection with titles from the Books on Tape to fulfill a client's reading interests.  

For clients in the Quesnel area that pick up their audiobooks, we generally ask for 24 hours notice for requesting new titles. If you have any more questions regarding our audiobook program, please call the Quesnel branch at 250-992-7912.